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Sleeping Baby

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In 2003, The Sleep Sense™ method was born out of a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is more curious, full of energy, happier, and eager to learn. Sleep is as important to a child’s development as a balanced diet or loving home.

The Sleep Sense™ method places a lot of emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles. The bottom line is, that you as a parent need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan in order for it to work for your child. I have therefore made it my priority to work in partnership with families, so as to fully understand the family dynamics, and create a personalised plan that will suit your specific situation.

This program is recognised and approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, whose mission is to promote the highest standard of practice for the professional baby sleep consulting industry worldwide, to ensure that client's needs are met with professionalism, excellence, and ethical care.

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