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About me

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My name is Christine Wessel.

I am a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and alternative psychotherapist, focussing on child development.

If you are reading this, the chances are quite high that not so long ago, I was feeling exactly the way you are feeling right now. When my second daughter was born, my elder child just stopped sleeping. Both of my children were keeping me up at night, and during the day all I could focus on was finding a couple of minutes to squeeze in a nap. I would dread the evenings because with them came the never-ending battles with my children.

So, I know exactly how hard and frustrating it can be when your children will not sleep. I am completely aware of the impact that sleep-deprivation can have not only on your own well-being as a loving parent, but also on the dynamics of your family home. It has also has become very clear to me, that sleep has a tremendous influence on the happiness and health of our children.

Having focussed on child psychology during my psychotherapeutic training, after the birth of my second daughter, I decided to do some additional research into the subject of children’s sleep. My research led me to the Sleep Sense™ Program, one of the most recognised, comprehensive and professional baby and children sleep consulting training programs in the world. Thanks to this simple and gradual method, both of my daughters, just as many other children around the globe, were taught how to fall asleep, and sleep, independently.

It is my strong belief in this method and my own experience as a mother, which inspired me to go through the International Sleep Sense™ Certification Program.

Since then it has become my goal and aspiration to help families across the world teach their children healthy sleeping habits.

It is never too late, nor too early, to begin teaching your child to sleep through the night.

And: You as a parent should also get the sleep you deserve.

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