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Baby Sleep Package

Age 3 to 18 Months

Consultation Duration: 3 Weeks 

Investment: 590 EUR 

Does your baby need to be rocked to sleep for what feels like hours? Find that your child will not sleep through the night? Whatever the issue, you are definitely not alone. Let me help you teach your baby independent sleep skills.

Discovery Call

We will start with a complimentary 15-minute call in which we will get to know each other and that will allow us to chat a little bit about your child’s unique situation. We will decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family and you will be able to ask me any questions about what is included in the package you have chosen.

Evaluation Questionnaire

I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and general development that will give me a first picture of what is happening with your child's day- and night-time routine. Your answers to the questionnaire will help me prepare for our first consultation call.

60 - 90 Minute Consultation Call

We will have an exhaustive consultation in which we will review your questionnaire and discuss bedtime, naptime, nightwakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with. I will answer all questions that you might have, and we will make sure to troubleshoot all problems you’re having.

Sleep Plan & Sleep Log

Following our consultation call, I will send you a detailed, fully customised sleep plan taking into account your specific situation and family dynamics. In addition, you will receive a sleep log which will give you the chance to take note of everything relevant to your child's nap- and bed-time routine. This log will allow me to adapt our plan to both yours, and your child’s needs as we go. I will be able to follow up on successes and setbacks, and with the daily information you will have provided me with, give you qualified, fast, and personalised advice.

Six Follow-Up Telephone Calls

You will have the possibility to schedule 6 phone calls during the 3 weeks of consultation. These follow-up calls typically last about 15 minutes. We will use this time to deal with any concerns or setbacks, or to answer general questions.

Unlimited E-Mail and Whatsapp Support

During the 3 weeks of consultation you will benefit from unlimited e-mail and Whatsapp support.

You can send me any questions that come up, and I will respond to your e-mails or messages within one business day.

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