Sleeping Newborn

Newborn Sleep Package

 2 to 12 Weeks of Age
Consultation Duration: 2 Weeks
Investment: 420 EUR

Congratulations! You have just welcomed your baby into your home and have become parents, maybe for the first time!

The arrival of a tiny newborn is exciting, but can sometimes feel emotionally and physically overwhelming.


I want to support and help you "settle in" with your child and find a routine that not only feels right for you, but that will also encourage good sleep habits and later natural sleep consolidation for your baby.  I cannot make your newborn baby sleep through the night, but I can help you set the right foundations for moving towards this goal. 

Discovery Call

We will start with a complimentary 15-minute call in which we will get to know each other and chat a little bit about you and your baby's situation. We will decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family and you will be able to ask me any questions about what is included in the package you have chosen.

Evaluation Questionnaire

I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire about you and your baby. Your answers to the questionnaire will help me prepare for our first consultation call. 

60 - 90 Minute Consultation Call

We will have an exhaustive consultation in which I will provide you with tips on dealing with newborns and their sleep needs. We will discuss sleep cues, awake windows, ideal routines and effective comforting measures, and I will give you an assessment of your nursery, to make sure your baby sleeps in a perfectly safe environment. 

I will answer all questions that you might have, and we will make sure to troubleshoot your concerns or any problems you have encountered so far. 

Sleep Guide & Sleep Log 

Following our consultation call, I will send you a detailed, fully customised sleep guide taking into account your specific situation and family dynamics. In addition, you will receive a sleep log which will give you the chance to take note of everything relevant to your child's nap and bedtime routine. This log will allow me to adapt our plan to your and your child's needs as we go. I will be able to follow up on successes and setbacks, and with the daily information you will have provided me with, give you qualified, fast, and personalised advice.

Four Follow-Up Telephone Calls

You will have the opportunity to schedule 4 phone calls during the 2 weeks of consultation. These follow-up calls typically last about 15 minutes, and we will use this time to manage any concerns or to answer general questions.

Unlimited E-Mail and Whatsapp Support

During the 2 weeks of consultation you will benefit from unlimited e-mail and Whatsapp support.

You can send me any questions that come up, and I will respond to your e-mails or messages within one business day.

Newborn Premium Sleep Package

 2 to 12 Weeks of Age
Consultation Duration: 10 Weeks
Investment: 720 EUR

With this package, I will support you through the first 3 months of your baby's life.

We will work together for 10 weeks. Our first consultation call will take place once your baby turns 2 weeks old and will be followed by weekly 15-20 minute calls, during which time I will be there to support you as a parent and to answer any questions you have regarding your baby's routine. 

In addition, you will benefit from weekly e-mail and Whatsapp support (2 messages per week). 

You are free to send me any questions that come up along the way, and I will be sure to respond within one business day.